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    Talking Wednesday Wares With Ryan Shaw

    25th May 2016

    Put your hands together for long lost friend of the blog, deck botherer, trainer aficionado and all round music magnate Ryan Shaw. Amongst other record related stuff Ryan is most commonly known for being head boss-man at Mastersounds who manufacture an extensive range of audio accessories for the vinyl enthusiast, including his pioneering turntable weights that are fast becoming the industry standard having received countless plaudits from some of the worlds most respected wax spinners. Given such impressive credentials we thought you might like to learn what wares a guy who fiddles around with chunks of…

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    In My Minds Eye I Could Probably Pull This off …

    In my tiny minds eye I’m one of these dudes, immersed in Tokyo’s many fashion sub-cultures and rigged-out in threads from the cities most notable menswear labels. In every other person minds eye I’m a…

    23rd May 2016
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    ‘Weavers Wardrobe’ Series No.22

    Renowned Liverpudlian outfitters Weavers Door recently released instalment No.22 of their impressive ‘Weavers Wardrobe’ series (see what they did there). Now if you’re new to WW, it’s a feature whereby they deck-out dudes in a selection of the stores seasonal stock…

    12th May 2016
  • Visvim backpacks SS16
    Clothes Footwear

    Like a Pile of Dirty Laundry.

    Ever wondered how much visvim clobber you could procure for five grand? No me neither really. But I reckon this lot should just about do it, give or take 50 quid. Just think, if Montgomery…

    9th May 2016
  • Yuketen V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox'

    Any Yuketeer worth his Salt ..

    The ‘Chianti’, or the ‘V Chianti All Handsewn Maine Guide Ox’ to give them their Sunday name is not a handle that exactly slips off the tongue now is it. But lets be honest, who actually gives a…

    5th May 2016