Pulse … The Gig To Top all Gigs!

18th December 2013

I’ve been giving this a long overdue listen today, probably the first time around five years actually. I was in my early teens when Pink Floyd performed what was their last ever gig at Earls Court. Ok, so there was ‘Live8’, but despite raising a boat load of cash, it was awkward watching Gilmour & Water’s on the same stage again after 20 odd years. Also, it pains me to say it, but the whole performance was somewhat mediocre!

The 1994 ‘Pulse’ Gig, followed their final studio album ‘The Division Bell’; which for me is right up their with ‘Dark Side’ & ‘Wish You Were Here’. However, I’m biased, as I’ve always been inclined towards the sounds of Gilmour’s guitar and the late Richard Wright’s keywords. Roger Waters was just never really my bag and I always felt he must of been a tough fella to work alongside.

The thing I’ve love about Pink Floyd, is that they’ve always paid such attention to detail, creatively; the music, the music technology, the light shows and the album artwork. It all flows together through their albums and live shows like a story, no more so than in this clip of Gimour’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ guitar solo at the Pulse gig!




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