The Brompton Bike. A Commuters Best Friend.

3rd January 2014

Happy New Year everyone. I hope you’ve all enjoyed the last couple of weeks’ festivities.

Now all the fun is over, most of my friends keep barking on about a having a ‘Dry January’. I’ve personally never been very self disciplined and the thought of a whole month on the wagon just isn’t my style. However, one healthy resolution I’ve made to myself for 2014, is to make my regular commute to work by sweat, pure faith and two wheels. Now don’t get me wrong, I started doing this last year, but soon abandoned the idea when I realised that lugging my bike up 3 flights of stairs when arriving at work, was more challenging than cycling the 4 miles there and back. Well, I investigated and with a little help from a friend of mine, I’ve found a cool and practical solution in the Brompton folding bike

Brompton Bikes have been in full production since 1980’s and they continue to design, manufacture and distribute all the bicycles from their West London Factory; where it all started for them four decades ago. The company is privately owned with the initial creator of the Brompton, ‘Andrew Ritchie’ still employed within the business. This ensures they have complete control over all operational processes to ensure their hand built bikes are of the highest quality. Brompton’s philosophy is simple; to create independence and freedom for their customers, whenever or wherever they choose to use their bike.

Now lets be honest; if you have to carry your big, awkward, heavy bike on public transport, up flight of stairs or have to lock it up outside only for it to then be nicked by some lowlife; then you’re probably just going to jump on the bus/tube and leave the bike at home to gather dust. Well with one of these Brompton bikes, you can literally fold the thing up, carry it like you would bag and take it anywhere you wish…handy don’t you think? Most importantly though, they look flipping ace and you even have an option to request a bike built to your own personal style/spec via Bike Builder.

A must for those city dwellers looking for a healthy, hassle free commute.

Barcelona Brompton - New 2013

Barcelona Brompton – New 2013

London Brompton - Limited Edition 2012

London Brompton – Limited Edition 2012

Tom Dixon Copper Brompton - Limited Edition
Tom Dixon Copper Brompton – Limited Edition

Brompton H Type - Racing Green

Brompton H Type – Racing Green


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