Laid Back Friday Vibes. Sagabona Kunjani Wena?

10th January 2014

My blog is coming up its one month milestone next week and to date a high percentage of my posts have seen me rambling on about how good the Danes are when it comes to…well, stuff really. I mean lets break this stuff down; some of the best fashion designers around, a creative underground music scene & males sporting biblical like facial hair. Surely these are three of the key components that make the Danes one of more culturally diverse European neighbours. The other of course, is Mr John Guldberg.

One half of Danish, Synth Pop, New Wave, Post Disco, Wave Machine, Daft Disco, Electro-blanket band ‘Laid Back‘, John Guldberg vocals are renowned being about as sultry as you can get. In fact sultry is doing him an injustice. I mean come on, when he opens his trap it just sounds so good. ‘The Bakerman……is baking bread’ what else would the Bakerman being doing, other than baking bread?? ‘Morning John, can I  have a loaf of you’re finest poppy seed granary please?’ Next up he’s showing you his danish pastries in the back and whispering sweet nothings in your ear with that lush deep voice of his….the sexy shit.

On serious note, both Tim Stahl & John Guldberg, have being knocking out deep electronic pop since the early 80’s and their latest album release in November ‘Uptimistic’ (Volume 1 & Volume 2) is again quality fodder.

Since Laid Back’s early tracks like ‘Maybe Im Crazy’ & ‘White Horse’ Tim & John’s productions have followed a distinctive, recognisable sound. They’ve stuck to this trusted formula, continuing to churn out quality music for four decades. Bravo chaps….great longevity!

Heres a few tracks on the Uptimistic Album;





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