The 80’s Calculator Watch: Cult Cool Timepiece or Rubbish Number Cruncher!

5th February 2014

Calculator Watches just epitomise the 1980’s don’t they? I mean having a timepiece twinned with a calculator was pretty forward thinking design back then. They also managed to look hugely naff and cool in equal measure. Now I’m aware calculator watches aren’t everyones thing, but theres no doubting they’ve stood the test of time. Marty McFly sported one in Back to the Future and even Walter White can be seen wearing a classic Casio in Breaking Bad. However, If I know Walt as the practical man he is, he would’ve purchased his  to assist with those chemical formula calculations, mid-cook. In fact his calculator watch may have contributed to him looking pissed off and edgy throughout all 5 seasons? It wasn’t the lies, deceit and inner turmoil he felt through keeping his secret life from his family.  It was actually down to the fact that despite buying a watch widely regarded as one of the mostly classically cool timepieces of a generation, he soon came to learn that it was easily one of the most rubbish calculators every produced. I mean there’s no Pi button for starters (does anyone actually use Pi in real life) and the buttons are so small that unless you’ve got fingers like a rodent (rodent’s dont have fingers do they, but if they did I reckon they’d be tiny) you’d be knackered. No wonder poor Walt was constantly up a height. I sincerely hope he wrote a strongly worded email to Casio highlighting the pitfalls of their product, before his untimely death.

Ok, so we’ve established you’re not likely to be number crunching all day with a classic calculator watch. However, aesthetically they’re something a bit special. Here’s my selection of current calculator watches that look ace and won’t break the bank:

Timex Calculator Watch Multifunction Grey Digital Dial Pink Resin

Casio Retro Data Bank

Mens Calculator Watches to Buy

Adidas Originals Pink Taipei Calculator Watch

Timex 80 Digital Calculator Watch – White

Casio Digital Calculator Watch – Stainless Steel Quartz Alarm Watch CA561DF

Mens Calculator Watch to Buy

Vintage Classic Casio Calculator Watch CA-53W-1Z CA53

Mens Calculator Watch to Buy

Casio CA506-1 Mens Watch Silver Steel Classic Digital Calculator Data Bank

Mens Calculator Watches to Buy

The Rare – Casio DBC-32C-9B Databank Multi language Yellow Strap Watch

If you’re feeling a bit flush and fancy tracking down some true vintage calculator timepieces, check out a selection of my picks below. Some of these amazing watches are extremely rare and often sell for hundreds if not thousands of pounds. Happy hunting!

Mens Calculator Watch to Buy

1976 Hughes Compu chron – Calculator Watch

Casio Flip Top Calculator Watch FTP-11

Casio Flip Top Calculator Watch FTP-11

1977 Citizen Quartz 1977 Cryston Calculator Variant

1977 Citizen Quartz 1977 Cryston Calculator Variant: One of the first Japanese Calculator Watches

1975 First Calculator Watch - Pulsar Module 1

1975 First Calculator Watch – Pulsar Module 1: The first by Pulsar

For more information on these watches above then give this little blog a read:

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