Beautiful Swimmers – ‘Open Shadow’ feat. John Davis

9th February 2014

I can’t believe I missed this when it was first released back in July 2011. Thank the lord I’ve picked  up on it second time around. Washington DC duo Beautiful Swimmers (Max Dunbar and Ari Goldmanare) are back with a re-press of ‘Open Shadow‘ featuring lush vocals from ‘Title Tracks’ frontman, John Davis. I’ve had the track on repeat all day and its got me longing for balmy summer evenings, swilling cold beer down like pop with John Davis lush tones as my soundtrack; Yes…I feel bloody invincible! The B-side to the Open Shadow EP sees Brighton’s ‘Soft Rocks‘ on remix duties with a synth reggae dub thats equally as impressive.

Looking for a taste of summer to start the working week? Then stick this balearic weapon on and kick winter firmly in the knackers!

Beautiful Swimmers feat John Davis – Open Shadow is out on ‘Future Times US’ in limited 7inch vinyl format- Get it here


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