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Love, Lunch & A Larry Levan!

12th February 2014

Anyone dug deep for that a generic Valentines gift yet? No, me neither.

I always feel somewhat disgruntled having to spend my lunch break (widely regarding as time for eating lunch) running around with a sweat-on desperately searching for that special something, for that special someone. This last minute frantic dash usually results in me buying the most impersonal, contrived (usually red) gift possible.

Don’t leave it until the last minute you might say?

Well I’m sorry, but If you purchase a Valentine’s gift weeks in advance then you’ve either got far too much time on your hands, or it’s … ‘the early days’. And let’s be honest, if you’re love’s young dream then the whole experience is distinctly less chore like!

You can’t keep your mitts off each other in a sickening haze of lustful enthusiasm. Other couples longingly watch on as you float around in your own bubble, then as you catch their eye they quickly look away, back towards their own spouse and think ‘I wish he’d listen when I’m talking about my triple stitched, double back curtains, or ‘I wish she’d stop blithering, I couldn’t give a flying fuck about what curtains we get’

At this juncture you’ve probably gathered I’m not all that fussed about the day of love and imparticular lining the pockets of profit hungry high street retailers. My day will be spent in a far more relaxing manner, enjoying in a another primitive, yet essential daily function … eating my lunch!

I will take the short stroll from my work to Grey Street where I’ll rendezvous with my better half and then get down to the serious business at hand, demolishing one of the finest butties I’ve ever had the pleasure of scoffing; the ‘Larry Levan’ from local sandwich maker extraordinaire Tommy’s ‘Good Times Sandwich Co.

Pastrami, cheese, sauerkraut, gherkin and mustard all on a granary seeded bun … Get  down my gullet you seductive sarny siren you!

Lunch, laughs, love & supporting local business. Romance is still alive and kicking at No.7 Grey Street.

7 Grey Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 6EE; Tel: 0191 260 2272:

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