The Generation Spanning Waterproof Boot

15th February 2014

I don’t know about you, but all this wet weather has just about finished off my work shoes. So much so that as of next week I’ll be resorting to commuting in my wellies. The wellington boot is a great british tradition; whether you’re a farmer, fisherman, festival goer or fashionable commuter, they’re a must for combating Britain’s changeable climate.

The iconic Scottish brand Hunter have been producing boots and other vulcanised rubber products for over 150 years (they even issued hunter boots to the military in both world wars). When you think of wellies you immediately think of Hunter. The thing I really love about the Hunter original tour boot is that the design and detailing has changed very little since its early editions. The pair of originals I bought two years ago have the exact same tall look and buckle design as my old man’s. I remember going fishing with him when I was a nipper and he was always sporting a pair green tour originals. Needless to say they’re still going strong 20 years on.

The brand has developed their product range over recent years with the Balmoral & Argyle boots, plus a range of accessories that has established Hunters position in the market as a fashion boot. However, Hunter have never wavered from their original values; to produce long lasting, hardwearing, waterproof footwear. My Hunters are without a doubt the most cost effective footwear I have ever, and probably will ever buy.

Hunter Wellies Original Your

Hunter Wellies Original Tour Boot


Hunter Wellies Original Tour Boot

Hunter Wellies Original


Hunter Wellies Original Tour

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