New Release: Grandbrothers – Ezra EP

16th February 2014
Grandbrothers - Ezra Was Right EP

I’ve had such a busy week that I’ve only just got round to giving some of this weeks new tracks a listen. Its been glorious getting my head into new music all morning and after a little deliberation I’ve chosen a fine EP to share with you by German duo Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel, a.k.a Grandbrothers.

Grandbrothers productions encompass a range of musical genres, from cinematic sound-scapes to electronic and drum heavy club tracks. All the sounds they create are done so using only a grand piano and a laptop. Their latest release ‘Ezra’ is a stunning 5 track EP, that really promotes the duo as talented musicians as well as producers. Track 1; ‘Ezra Was Right’ is a stunning highly emotive piano track that builds and rolls to showcase how good these chaps really are. Track 2; ‘Notbrause takes a similar format, although this time with more of a 90’s house piano loop that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Freerange Records release from the likes of Jimpster or Tony Lionni.

Tracks 3 to 5 see remixes of title track with an strong offering from Glasgow’s Optimo. Although for me the clear winners on remix duties are Greg Wilson & Derek Kaye. They’ve taken all the great elements of the original and have given it superb electronic rework. Have a listen to all the tracks off the EP below;

This weeks mix is one I first listened to around a year ago. I must admit it had fallen off my radar for the last 6 months, but its been getting a long overdue airing today whilst I’ve doing the dishes (some serious disco kitchen business going off here). Eddie C (Edward Currelly) is one of my favourite DJs/Producers and provides us with a mix he did for Switzerland’s Audiotheque in Spring 2013. Its well worth a listen and starts off with a lush little groover and one of my prized tracks of the last 12 months; ‘Krystyna’ by Polish duo Patki.

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