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Original Tea-Ware from Bouf

3rd March 2014
Alessi Melodic Kettle By Richard Sapper

My flat is littered with decorative teapots (it’s one of my better half’s fixations). When I have my mates around she’ll give me clear orders beforehand; ‘Make sure no one touches my teapots’. What does she think we’re going to do to them? Have a big teapot party, torturing the unsuspecting boiler’s by filling them with a concoction of spirits. Man-handling their spouts and then smashing them on the kitchen tiles as we dance around their shattered pieces letting out a chorus of wicked cackles.

Having said that I secretly quite like providing a home to these creative little tea jugs. There’s something very comforting and familiar about putting a on brew, and to celebrate this familiar British tradition I thought I’d share my pick of tea-ware from superb contemporary design website

Original Creative Teapots

Bloomingville Emma Teapot – by Flitty Bird

Original Creative Teapots

50’s Housewives Mug
by Dupenny

Original Creative Teapots

Tingleby Fika Cups
by Isak

Original Creative Teapots

World River Cup & Saucer
by Snowden Flood

Original Creative Teapots

Biscuit Rim Mug of Choice by Martha Mitchell Design

Original Creative Teapots

Loves Cock Coaster
by Brainbox Candy Ltd

No Smoking Coaster by Brainbox Candy Ltd

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