Reminiscing with ‘Drop Music’

21st March 2014

Its Friday and I’m troughing on a Crunchie feeling absolutely smashing. Those lovely little honeycomb bubbles are just proper. I’m also giving the Drop Music back catalogue a listen from back when the Nottingham label was at the top of its game. In my opinion some of their recent releases have been somewhat under par.

Drop Music was set up by midlands based house jocks Inland Knights (Laurence Ritchie & Andy Riley) in 1998 and delivered consistently good EP’s for roughly a seven year spell between 1998 and 2005. The label saw releases from the Inland Knights, Toka Project and various other alias’s, as well as relatively unknown, yet quality guest producers. The thing that made me always look out for the next Drop EP was the quality of the soul/disco vocal samples that were used on many of the label’s releases around that time.

The vinyl back catalogue of early Drop Music EP’s aren’t easy finds, with online vinyl trading stores such as Discog’s  proving your best bet. I picked most of mine up from the late Soul Alley record shop in Leeds’ Grand Arcade. In my mind this was one of the best stores in the city for buying the full spectrum of electronic music in analog format. A Saturday afternoon jaunt down to ‘Soul Alley’ and the Corn Exchange’s ‘Play Music’ was one of the highlights of my week and I really do miss that record shop experience.

Now with so many good releases to choose would it be possible to name my top five tracks on the Drop? Well here goes (from what I could find on you-tube anyway). 

 Whats your favourite Drop EP?

To get your hands on full Drop Music back catalogue in digital format head over to their digital store here. Or get them at Beatport.

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