New Releases from Last Waltz & Omar S

17th April 2014

Bank holiday season is nearly upon us and thankfully there’s some cracking new music out this week to coincide with long weekends, beer gardens, parties and hopefully some sunshine.

First up, I couldn’t write this blog without a shameless plug for my pals ‘Last Waltz’. I’ve mentioned them before on the blog back in March when we featured Mick Rolfe’s mix for Balearic Social. Anyway, the lads are back with the release of the highly anticipated EP ‘Just Hold On’ out now on ‘Is It Balearic’. Title track Just Hold On & Tribute are both something really special and highlights how talented these fellas are. In my opinion, this is the trio’s best record to date by some distance. Also, is it just me or does the Machete Savane remix of Tribute sound a lot like Pink Floyd’s – Run Like Hell? Check out samples of all the tracks off the record below and snap it up on vinyl HERE

Our second heads up is the release of Omar S’ new LP ‘Romancing The Stone’ on his FXHE label. Not sure if Kathleen Turner would’ve approved of these Detroit tones mind. Personally I think FXHE is fairly hit and miss; Don’t get me wrong, ‘Psychotic Photosynthesis’, ‘Day’ and ‘Thank you for Letting me be by Myself’ are all amazing tracks off the label. However, there’s been a lot of dross in between in my opinion, or maybe it’s not my taste. Anyway, Romancing The Stone has most certainly got my ears pricked. It’s a double LP with ‘Leave’ a great rolling house track which showcases that distinctive Detroit sound and ‘Frogs’ which has a repetitive string sample throughout, being my pick of the tracks. ‘Surpass’ is also worth a mention; it’s got great drums and symbols on the off-beat which sound ace. Check out all the tracks out below and get them HERE

For our mix this week I’ve turned to Danny (Moodymanc) Ward and a live mix he did at Kyo, Singapore back in March. Best get settled in though, it’s 3 hours long!

Enjoy your bank holiday!

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