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‘Joy’ by Bob de Broise & Elizabeth Holly Hurt

25th June 2014
‘Joy’ by Bob de Broise & Elizabeth Holly Hurt

This wonderful short-film ‘Joy’ is one of the most moving pieces of animation I’ve seen. I first came across this a couple of years ago and must admit it had fallen off my radar until it was brought up in conversation over the weekend.

The film follows the daily routine of an old fella by the name of Harold who’s struggling to come to terms with the loss of his late wife, Joy. However, through insights into Harold’s memories the film shows us his relationship with his wife was not all that it seemed.

Joy evokes powerful and emotive messages focused around loneliness, fear, love and loss. Sounds depressing doesn’t it? And suppose it is bait, but I do think there’s a positive message in there somewhere telling us to focus our mind on life’s pleasures and those happy moments.

For more information on the making of Joy and further short animations from it creators Bob de Broise and Elizabeth Holly Hurt, head over to HERE

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