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Boogie Nights – Little Bill Driveway Scene

2nd July 2014

Paul Thomas Anderson’s 1997 masterpiece ‘Boogie Nights’ really captured the essence of the porn industry and associated drug use during the early 80’s. I gave the another watch over the weekend and the cast is top draw particularly Burt Reynold’s superb performance as Porn mogul, Jack Horner.

Academy Award nominations for Best Picture in the year of it’s release consisted of the following garbage: ‘Titanic’, ‘L.A. Confidential’ & ‘The Full Monty’ (Good Will Hunting & As Good As It Gets were also nominated, but they’re actually decent flicks). However, despite the film failing to land a rake of gongs, it remains a highly respected cult classic.

So here’s my little homage to a great piece of film-making and in particular the legend that is ‘William H Macy’ who features in my favourite clip, the ‘Little Bill’s Driveway Scene’ …

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