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Miguel Herrera. You Made My World Cup.

16th July 2014

So the curtain’s finally been drawn on World Cup 2014 with Lahm’s wanderers narrowly beating Messi’s rangers in a battle to the death. I must say it’s been a fantastic competition despite in my opinion there being no truly outstanding side. Having said that, the Jerrys look like being team to beat by the time the Euro’s come around in 2016.

It’s been well documented that a proportion of the Brazilian public felt disdain towards their countries hosting of the competition and who could have blamed them. Let’s not forget, it’s been the most costly tournament in World Cup history with an estimated spend of excess of £7billion, not exactly a drop in the ocean, especially when you factor in the countries huge disproportion of wealth and the Brazilian governments lack of investment on basic front-line services.

However in spite of these social issues the stadiums have remained full, noisy and colourful throughout the competition, with plenty of moments to savour. Some of my highlights included James Rodriguez wonder goal for Colombia against Uruguay, Gene Hackman leading the poorest Brazilian side I’ve seen to the semi-finals only to be dismantled by the eventual winners,  Suarez having a nibble on a tasty Italian jambon, and the last 15 minutes of USA vs Belgium game which was arguably the most exciting spell of football I’ve seen since last year’s end of season League 1 promotion clash between Brentford & Donny.

I’m sure you would agree all moments that will go down in history. However, there’s one particular piece of World Cup brilliance that stands head and shoulders above the rest and will stay with me to the grave. It’s something wonderful, so magical and really epitomises our love for the beautiful game. It’s somehow managed to supersede every piece of sublime skill or technique on display over the past four weeks.

It could only be Miguel Herrara’s goal celebration versus the Croats.

Despite looking like he’s been created in the mind of Jim Henson, he’s actually a real human person. Miguel’s got more passion and fervor in his wee hoofs than most players, punters and fellow managers have in their entire being. In this clip of ‘said celebration’ he rides a 30 second roller-coaster of emotion, provoking the kind of reaction you might see from a Jack Russell who’s been parted with that pair of old reebok pumps he’s be chewing on for the last couple of years.

Herrera, despite you looking like a knackered lego-man, you really did make my World Cup.

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