J.A.Z – ‘White Girls Can’t Rap’ Mix

18th July 2014
J.A.Z - 'White Girls Can't Rap' Mix

Praise the lord for the blessed minister John ‘J.A.Z’ Zahl and his latest mix of eclectic bombs. We first featured reverend Zahl (yes he’s really ordained and everything) on the blog back in February following the release of his outstanding self titled EP on Rotating Souls. A few months on and he’s popped up in my soundcloud feed with a selection of records so good, they’d have Stephen Hawking jerking his left cheek till dawn.

The ‘White Girls Cant Rap’ mix is a synth pop femme fatale affair featuring 80’s vocal cuts from the likes of Valerie Claire and her 1984 synth-pop monster ‘I’m a Model’ and Robey’s ‘One Night in Bangkok’ which has arguably the best shit lyrics ever written; ‘‘Get Thai’d! You’re talking to a Tourist” is a verse that sticks in my mind. Finally, the mix features a stunning opener from pop-dance duo Bardeux with their 1988 hit ‘When We Kiss’ which includes some exceptionally bad rapping (a common theme as the title suggests). I’m really selling it to you hear aren’t I. But the remains, when all thrown together by Zahl it makes for fine listen.

Happy Rapping…


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