Quality Shoe Making from Northern Cobbler

22nd July 2014

Grensons, Church’s, Sanders, Barkers are all quintessential British heritage brands renowned for manufacturing  quality mens shoes. However, despite these established names supplying us blokes with some fine footwear over the years, It’s always nice when an emerging brand/designer grabs your attention and independent shoe makers Northern Cobbler’  have certainly got me hooked with their current SS14 collection.

I’ve been keeping tabs on these guys for around 6 months and must admit their witty designs really do offer something a little different. The London based shoe-makers manufacture all their stock by hand  with a clear focus on attention to detail throughout the design process, utilising the finest raw materials and skilled craftsman to deliver their finished product.

As well as stocking a range of men’s & women’s footwear you can also pick up some decent accessories, including one of the best shoe-horns I’ve seen. Apart from their shoes’ obvious quality, it’s the understated, creative design touches that really appeal to me; check out the blue contrast leather counter on the Lenok shoe below as a prime example of the brands character and orginality.

To top it off, a logo embossed on all their chucks consists of a carp, sporting a top hat and monocle … which suggests these lot dont take themselves to seriously.

Northern Cobbler … shoes with personality.

northern cobbler mens footwear

Lenok 3 – Tan

northern cobbler mens footwear

northern cobbler mens footwear

Bonytail 3 – Dark Brown mix

northern cobbler mens footwear

northern cobbler mens footwear

Arowana – Oxblood

northern cobbler mens footwear

Seamoth – Tan

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