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12th August 2014

It seems like everyone owns a backpack nowadays, they’re everywhere aren’t they? students, outdoor types and even the suited bloke I pass on my morning commute is never without his Herschel ‘Little America’. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m  as keen as the next person on a decent knapsack and it’s great to see original mountaineering brands such as Epperson and Fjallraven receiving deserved mainstream success over recent years.

Many fashion folk might argue that the high street is becoming saturated with backpack manufacturers. Well I’ll have you know, I’m not one of these people and when it’s brought to your attention that the chaps behind Engineered Garments are knocking out a new range of bags, it’s time to down your satchel and take note.

Japanese/U.S accessories brand ‘South2 West8’ have been supplying bags to the far east for the best part of a decade now. However, over recent seasons we’ve seen their superbly constructed kit finally hitting independent retailers in both the US & UK. These bags are handmade in New York and distributed by wholesalers Nepenthes Co. Ltd (the guys behind Engineered Garments).

Similar to EG they’ve combined that Japanese eye for detail with the American outdoors and their product range includes travel bags, day bags, backpacks, tote bags and my personal favourite the canoe sack. In typical Japanese style their bags are littered with cool pockets, manufactured in either 100% cotton or durable nylon cordura and finished off with a leather cowhide trim … very nice!

Like what you see? Check out the rest of the collection over at Belfast’s Bureau

South2 West8 Backpacks

Red Small Canoe Sack

South2 West8 Backpacks

Suntan Sunforger Trek Pack

South2 West8 Backpacks

Suntan Sunforger Painter Bag

South2 West8 Backpacks

Black Ballistic Explore Bag

South2 West8 Backpacks

Suntan Sunforger Drawstring Mail Bag

South2 West8 Backpacks

Hunter Green 18oz Canvas Painter Bag

Black Ballistic La Crosse Briefcase

South2 West8 Backpacks

Suntan Sunforger Mailman Bag


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