Massimiliano Pagliara – ‘With One Another’ Album

15th August 2014
Live At Robert Johnson

Frankfurt based record label ‘Live at Robert Johnson’ really are at the top of their game at present with strong records from Hotel Lauer, Fort Romeau and San Laurentino all seeing releases this year. Keeping their foot firmly on the gas they’re back with a new record from Italian producer Massimiliano Pagliara in the form of the his highly anticipated album ‘With One Another’.

This will be the berlin based producer second album on LARJ following his impressive debut record ‘Focus for Infinity’ back in 2011 and in my opinion this latest offering is a big step up. As expected it’s littered with heavy synthesisers and rolling acid loops and he’s also managed to rope in some support from the likes of Credit 00 and his local pal Lee Douglas who lends his skills to the sublime yet trippy acid sounds of ‘Fall Again’. There’s a cracking album opener ‘When We Kissed’ which features lush rolling melodic synths and his collaboration with vocalist Mavin can be heard on ‘We Have Time’; a piano house affair. ‘Native Tribes of Jupiter’ sounds a bit like it’s being nicked off a Marc E album, which is never a bad thing and finally I must give a mention to ‘Now And Forever’ which brings the album to a close in dreamy slow-mo style.

Check out samples of all the tracks from ‘With One Another’ below and pick up it from Juno on vinyl and download from around the 15th September.

If you like the sound of that, then you probably be into Live at Robert Johnson’s next 4 track release from young berlin producer Orson Wells; fresh from his ‘Endless’ record on Dixon’s Innervsions. Due out towards the end of this month, the ‘Open Light EP’ has a far more mid-tempo mediterranean vibe with a great synth loop on the opener ‘Drifting’. However, in my opinion title track ‘Open Light’ is the by far the strongest on the EP featuring intermittent percussion and some beautiful balearic tones. It’s got a proper day into night sunset feel to it and really is a stunning piece of electronic music.

Check out samples of all the tracks from Open Light below and pick it up from 25th August over a Juno.

Finally, it’s been a few weeks since I chucked a mix up on the blog, so to see in the weekend here’s lovely selection of records that were put together a few years back by Preston based DJ/producer, Cottam. Expect nothing but groove and soul (Oh and there’s a full track listing for the mix in the comments section on Cottams soundcloud page).

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