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The Beer Tea Towel from Howkapow

18th August 2014
The Beer Tea Towel

Since moving house a few months back I seem to have developed a bit of a thing for needless homeware and continuing that trend I’m right into this tea towel from designer Stuart Gardiner. Yes, I shit you not I’m blogging about a tea towel …

Anyway, just imagine all them things you wanted to know about Beer, printed on something you use to clean up Beer … profound eh.

Thats right, it’s a ‘Beer Towel’ and not one of those sodden Carlsberg ones they mop the bar with down your local, it’s a posh one with little pictures of how beer is made and everything …

The Beer Tea Towel

Beer not your thing? well the talented Mr Gardiner has also knocked up a Wine Towel for those more sophisticated of souls.

The Beer Tea Towel

The Beer Tea Towel

Check out these and more cool designy stuff over at Bristol’s Howkapow:



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