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Original Wooden Specs from Scotlands Banton Frameworks

12th September 2014
Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Comparisons could be made between owning a pair spectacles and being in a ‘loving’ relationship.

You spend months trying pairs on until finally you find those gigs that feel just right (cue an overwhelming feeling of nervous excitement). There’s a desire to spend every waking hour in your new specs, they get a good clean at least 3 times a day (sometimes 5 if they’re lucky) and you flaunt them with pride amongst your peers.

A few years pass and the new sheen has worn from those once beloved glasses. They keep going AWOL only for you to discover with increasing regularity that they’ve fallen down the back of the sofa following a night on the woo woo’s. To compound matters they’re lucky to be cleaned once a month these days and when you do make time, it’s a quick and distinctly unfulfilling t-shirt wipe.

Finally, they’re not what they used to be; the frames are misshapen beyond repair, the right lens is chipped and the bridge is laden with grease courtesy of last nights chippy tea. However, despite all their faults and that fact you repeatably take them for granted, they’re yours, no-one elses and dont forget you’ve been through so much together, you know each other inside out and most importantly … you love them.

Although once in a while something new and intriguing comes along that turns your head and in my case it’s Scotlands first independent wooden frame manufacturers, ‘Banton Frameworks that’ve got me riddled with guilt.

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Scotland’s only wood frame specialists are the brainchild of Lucy Ross and Jamie Bartlett, two design graduates who’ve been producing handmade frames in a workshop at the bottom of Lucy’s garden. Word has now spread and there’s increasing demand from UK and overseas opticians who are keen to market their original wooden frames.

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

The designs are named after Scottish innovators such as John Logie Baird, inventor of the television (a boxy frame) and my pick, which is a rounded frame taking it’s design/name from tyre pioneer John Dunlop. Each frame features soft leather ear hooks for comfort and the grainy wood detailing to give them a olde worlde vintage feel. Certainly a welcome alternative to your standard plastic frames.

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Below is a selection of their old frames to give you a feel for their designs;

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Mahogany Baird

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Mahogany Dunlop

Banton Frameworks Wood Specs

Wenge Baird

For more on Banton Frameworks, sign up to their newsletter over at there ‘soon to be built’ website or say hello on twitter


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