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My Most Visited YouTube Clip

26th September 2014

As I sit here troughing my cori-chicken sarnie, I’ve been contemplating my most re-visited youtube clip. There’s many a strong contender; Steve Coogan & Bob Brydon’s ‘Gentlemen to Bed’ scene from the Trip (which I’ve posted previously), Tom Green’s ‘He’s tasty Mitch’ scene from American teen comedy ‘Road Trip’ always raises a smile, or perhaps Dark Helmets ‘Schwarz’ fight with Lonestar at the end of Spaceballs the movie.

Now despite all of the above being very amusing, they’re not a patch on this 80s ‘homo-erotic’ aerobic dance workout, which to my astonishment has only clocked up a mere 4000 views. Lost for words doesn’t even come close. Just over a minutes worth of footage featuring a bunch of utter weapons prancing about in ball shrinking lycra. Belterz!

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