Alan Paine AW14 Knitwear from Weavers Door

29th September 2014

We’re into life’s simple pleasures here at Thinking Chap and they don’t come much more straightforward than these crew necks from British heritage brand Alan Paine. There’s not a logo, button or lapel in sight; just no-nonsense jumpers in a range of clean and bold colour-ways.

At this point I could go on some whimsical bleat about how the late William Paine started the business in Godalming, Surrey way back in 1907 after teaching himself to knit during his childhood which subsequently led to the brand manufacturing the bestest ever knitwear ever made in the whole world, ever.

Instead, I’m far more intrigued by the shopping cart logo on their website, which is actually a picture of sheep with the word ‘baa-ag’ underneath it, get it? Sheep … baaa … baa-ag! get it? Anyway, the best bit is that if you hover over it with the cursor it makes a baa’s sound … as I said, simple pleasures.

Admist mucking around with farmyard sound effects on their website, I’ve also had a chance to review AP’s Brisbane and Strone Knits, which have recently landed at Liverpool’s Weavers Door. If you’re wanting some proper wintery gear then the Strone Knit is the absolute boy with its lambswool yarn, stratford crew neck and classic fit. Although arguably the most appealing thing about these knits is that you can pick any one of them up for under 100 quid, handy if you’re baa-rassic this month … sorry.

alan paine knitwear

alan paine knitwear

alan paine knitwear

alan paine knitwear



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