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Taxidermy Problems

3rd October 2014

Being employed as Taxidermist, now that’s a job! Shoving your hand up animals arses all day to pull out their flesh and adjusting them into positions that make them look happy and content. Trying to please the mourning owners and the weirdos who just want an animal on a wooden plaque.

”Good day at the office darling?” ”No not really I’ve just ran out of artificial eyeballs for the squirrel that needs stuffing by tomorrow” #taxidermyproblems

The weirdest bugger going is a bloke called Enrique Gomez De Molina who enjoys attaching heads of squirrels onto the arses of crabs. ”What is this? Some kind of art you say” and I say (quietly) ”yes, I like them too”

Taxidermy is back in fashion you know, you can do courses now or get your own kit for Christmas. Imagine getting that game out on Boxing Day after Only Fools and Horses. ”Anyone for turkey sandwiches” ”no thanks mum we’re cutting up a dead mouse on the coffee table”

Anyway, check this weird mans taxidermy, its bizarre (but I secretly like it, just don’t tell anyone). If you want a piece of this peculiar art you’re looking $80,000 … so start saving.

Words by Le Rocking Horse

enrique gomez taxidermy

Out for a Drag – 2009

enrique gomez taxidermy

Earth Spirit – 2010

enrique gomez taxidermy

Out for a Walk – 2007

enrique gomez taxidermy

WTF – 2008

enrique gomez taxidermy

Paradise – 2010

enrique gomez taxidermy

Marionette – 2009

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