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T-Shirt Tuesdays: Chris (Simpsons) Artist’s New Tees

7th October 2014

Right I’ve decided to start a new weekly (or when I can be arsed) feature on the blog called, yes you’ve guessed it; ‘T-Shirt Tuesdays’. Here’s how it’s gonna go:

  • We like t-shirts … particularly on a Tuesday
  • We’ll find some ones we like (ideally not ones that every fucker is wearing)…
  • We write about them..
  • We show you so nice pictures of them…
  • We tell you where you can buy them…

Er that’s about it, nothing new really and all that we ask is that you keep an open mind and share our passion for alternative tees.

To start the ball rolling, I’ve turned to our favourite anonymous picture guy and childlike storyteller, Chris ‘Simpsons’ Artist.

Fresh from his World Cup inspired ‘Squad’ Tees, Chris is back with a selection of new limited edition prints, including a playful adaptation of footballing outcast Luis Suarez, feasting on a tasty Italian jambon, and our personal favourite featuring the rotund, handlebar moustached, mushroom eating 2D plumber … Super Mario.

Get these and more wonderfully weird stuff over at his ‘Pictures That I Gone And Done’ site HERE

Chris (Simpson) Artist T-shirts

Luis Suarez T-Shirt

Chris (Simpson) Artist T-shirts

Mario T-Shirt

If you’ve got a t-shirt you would like us to feature on the blog, send your pictures over to;

If we like what we see we’ll write about it. If we don’t, we’ll just condemn it like true fashion wankers and probably still write about anyway,

Thanks for reading,


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