A Bit Like One of Those Juno Charts …

10th October 2014

Musical types/record enthusiasts, I’m sure you’ve all seen those monthly Juno DJ charts. Well this is a little bit like that, apart from I’m decidedly average on the ones and twos and Juno aint asked me to do one, but I’m doing one anyway.

In fact I’m just some everyday collector of the odd record who used to play records once upon a time and now get his licks from mixing badly in his spare room awaiting for the inevitable to happen …

You know, that day I’m overruled and my ‘studio’ (in the broadest sense of the word) becomes ‘the guest room’. Yes you know the drill. A floral feature wall, a freshly made bed that envelops every inch of floor space and only gets slept in a handful of times per year, decorative pillows from some arty alternative home-ware site (the ones I sometimes post about on here). And as if that wasn’t enough, where those dusty turntables once stood is now an vintage oak sideboard, which is home to neatly folded guest towels and a plethora of Molton Brown toiletries emitting alluring notes of  nutmeg, cardamom and jasmine. An aroma so delightful I even know the name of it. I loathe you Bracing Silverbirch.

Now I don’t know about you, but all of the above puts the fear of god into me. Until that day comes though, here are some records I’ve been listening too …

1. Bantam Lions – Recollections – Scenery Records – BUY IT


2. Nail – In The Pocket – Shabby Doll Records:  BUY IT


3. Mind Fair – Take Me To The Bridge – Golf Channel US: BUY IT


4. Orson Wells – Open Light – Live At Robert Johnson: BUY IT


5. Bison – Mandy – Claremont 56: BUY IT


6. Sacchi & Sasse – Future Domain ‘Instrumental’ – 2020 Vision: BUY IT


7. Eddie C – We Need We – Endless Flight: BUY IT


8. Michael Shrieve – Transfer Station Blue – Fortuna Records: BUY IT

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