Autumnal Outerwear – Guide to 10 Lightweight Jackets

17th October 2014
lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

October can prove to be a troublesome month for wardrobe choices. Metreologically speaking it’s autumn, yet there’s still a good chance of a freak balmy day. Great, I here you say, an Indian summer, what a time to be alive! True, but maybe not so welcome when you’re stomping around town in your newly acquired feather down parka with a right fucking cob on. So, if you’re not quite ready for massive coats just yet, then have a gander at our picks from the lighter side of autumnal outerwear.

1. Engineered Garments – Heavy Brushed Coverall Jacket @ Bureau

Hard to believe I know, but there’s actually 8 pockets on this banger from Daiki Suzuki’s crowd. Twin that with a shitloads of corduroy and you’ve got a jacket that gives EG’s Homespun Parka a  run for it’s money.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

2. Patagonia Insulated Torrentshell Jacket @ Weavers Door

As with most Patagonia gear there’s loads of technical stuff going on that aims to keep you warm and dry, but I’m not going to go into that, as I aint got a scooby what any of it actually means. A good shout for any of you outdoorsy folk though.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

 3. Barbour X Patone Ashtone Jacket  @ End Clothing

Barbour have joined forces with kings of colour, Pantone to bring us this Ashtone Jacket. Features include the standard waxed shell, quilted lining and a studded corduroy collar. Expect the typical earthy colour-ways you associate with Barbour along with this, not royal, not sapphire, but ‘Duffle Bag’ blue version below.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

 4. Soulland Komno Down Jacket @ Goodhood Store

Try and get past the fact it makes you look like you’re wearing the top half of a space suit and the Komno Jacket actually has some decent features. Highlights include a hide-away hood, all over cosmos print and concealed mouth piece that makes a ‘schhhh schhhh’ sound, like a shit darthvader . Yes, just I made that bit up …

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

 5. Carhartt Martin Coat @ Union Clothing

I purchased this coat from Union around a month back. It was on of those “it’s Friday and I really just fancy buying something moments”. Thankfully it’s turned out to be an solid investment. If you’re in the market for a smart, lightweight utility jacket that goes with just about anything, then the Martin Coat is probably it.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy


6. Engineered Garments / Highland Parka @ Oi Polloi

There’s Parka’s then there’s this Highland Fishtail from Engineered Garments. Featured on the blog a few months back, this bad boy comes with cord lined cuffs, a hood sizeable enough to dwarf even Kelsey Grammar’s colossal napper and a NYCO super-fabric used by non other than the US Army … can’t be bad!

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

7. Arpenteur – Wool Roscoff Jacket @ Bureau Belfast

This is just getting silly as this isn’t even a jacket, but who cares! Arpenteur are that good they’ve even thought to tickled our tastebuds with a double zip fastening. Further features include two huge front pockets and the finest Milano Rib-Wool finish. Off the scale knitwear!

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

8. Vetra Twill Jacket @ Dicks of Edinburgh

Vetra have been going about their business of producing quality French workwear since 1927 (that’s a good innings) and subsequently they know there stuff when it comes to manufacturing hardwearing, functional outerwear. Their deep blue Twill jacket below is my front runner.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

9. YMC  – Quilted Bomber @ Oi Polloi

It’s a Bomber Jacket, but not as we know it. There’s a new trend for AW14, known in menswear circles as the ‘melted the shit out of it in the tumble drier look’, which I find myself oddly drawn to. Usual service resumes with ribbed hem, cuffs and as the name suggests a quilted inner to keep you warm when them nights start drawing in.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

10. Universal Works – Quilt Gilet @ Kafka

To complete our guide, I’ve plumped for the Universal Works Quilt Gillet. A simplistic and classic piece of outerwear constructed in a 100% wool shell, cotton lining featuring a 5 button closure and elasticated rear hem. One for those who appreciate their layers.

lightweight autumn winter jackets to buy

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