The Chromexcel Viberg Derby Shoe

3rd November 2014

‘Chromexcel’, sounds like some new spread-sheet software on Windows 7, doesnt it? In fact it may well be for all we know, but it’s also a super-leather that goes through at least 89 different treatment processes, which take a whopping 28 days to complete.

Now I’m not going to run through them all, but they include: cooking, greasing, oiling, bating, pickling, tanning and a thorough hot stuffing. Yes, I’m aware this sounds like some erotically charged Christmas lunch around at George Hamilton’s gaff, but the end product actually turns out looking a bit like these Derby Shoes from Canadian footwear designers, Viberg.

Ok so these Derby’s ain’t cheap, but the attention to detail that goes into the making of each pair is quite mind boggling, and in my opinion more than warrants the price tag. There are 218 different manufacturing processes ensuring the shoes’ quality and durability, plus there’s a good chance they’ll end up being made by one of the original Viberg family.

The Derby’s are made on a new 1035 last and feature a Dovetail heel, brass tacks/eyelets from England, heavyweight insoles from Spain, Vibram outsoles, and the finest upper leathers from Chicago’s renowned Horween leather company. If that wasn’t enough they’ll also throw in alternate laces, dust bags, a polishing cloth and a bottle of Venetian Cream or Leather Preservative with each pair, result!

Top draw footwear from Viberg.

viberg derby shoe chromexcel

viberg derby shoe chromexcel

viberg derby shoe chromexcel

viberg derby shoe chromexcel

viberg derby shoe chromexcel


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