Eribe FairIsle Knitwear from Dick’s of Edinburgh

24th November 2014

Tis the season for proper knitwear Fa la la la la, la la la la. Fairisle patterns from bonnie Scotland Fa la la la la, la la la la …

Ok, so you’ve probably guessed todays chosen topic, but lets knock the painful festive sing-along’s on the head and get straight to the point eh.

Our favourite Scottish independent is currently stocking a range of superb fairisle’s just in time for the holidays. The stores fellow compatriots over at Eribe have created a number of quality knits that just reek of open fires, mulled wine, trivial pursuit, pigs-in-blankets and that Christmas morning mender down the local.

Eribe are experts in the art of fairisle knitting techniques and are considered to be the largest hand-knitting organisation in the UK & Europe. Although don’t for one second think this spells a shift away from their traditional Scottish heritage. Both the ‘Trad’ and ‘College’ knits featured here are hand-made on Shetland from with finest Island wool, resulting in a long lasting, durable and super-soft finish.

So, best get on the blower to grandma Joan and politely explain that you’ll go without the Reindeer sweat this year. However, if she fancies putting her hand in her pocket and getting you a proper jumper then that would be just grand.

Who said Christmas was about giving …

Eribe FairIsle Knitwear

Eribe FairIsle Knitwear

Eribe FairIsle Knitwear

Eribe FairIsle Knitwear

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