Roy Comanchero – Lucid Memory EP

5th December 2014

I’m sure you can appreciate how I was drawn to a record sleeve featuring a Pugs head emerging from the roof of a Cadillac. However, in over a decade of collecting vinyl, experience tells me that these gimmicky sleeves more often than not result in the music enclosed being a bit shit. Well thankfully this is not the case this debut EP from Roy Comanchero. 

Now Roy appears to a be a bit of an unknown entity. The only online literature I’ve managed to find on him tells us that he’s not one for laptops and modern production techniques, with old drum machines and Roland synthesisers being more his bag,

Released on Frankfurt label Running Back, Lucid Memory takes us on a cosmic rollercoaster kicking off with the bubbling electro-funk baseline, vintage synthesisers and killer drums of title track. ‘Pugs Life’ takes things up-tempo with the driving baseline and the lush synth fills you might hear Todd Terje kicking out mid-set. ‘The Delete Of Society’ takes us back to mid 90s acid house and features a rolling medallic loop that LFO would’ve been proud of. Finally, ‘New Horizon’s’ is a beautiful mid-tempo tear jerker and finishes the EP off with aplomb.

My verdict: An impressive debut and an compelling foray into the world of analog

Lucid Memory is available over now over at Juno




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