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17th December 2014

If you’re a regular visitor to the blog, you’ll be well aware I’ve got a bit of a thing for independent British brands, stores, designers and other such gems our little Island has to offer. And they don’t come much more quintessentially British than London based aviation watchmakers, AVI-8.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert in the mechanics of watchmaking, but I do know that these Hurricanes, Harriers and Tomahawks are some of the most striking timepieces I’ve seen in a long time.

AVI-8 pay homage to the some most iconic aircraft to have graced our sky’s, and in-turn aim to honour the airmen who were pivotal in bringing these machines to life, both in and out of the cockpit.

Their collection takes influences from the RAF’s finest military aircraft, including the Hurricane Hawker World War II Fighter plane, the Harrier Hawker Jump Jet (one of the most technologically advanced aircraft of its generation) and the distinguished four-engined beast we all know as the Lancaster Bomber.

An abundance of chronographs, stainless steel and hand-stitched leather takes us right back into the cockpits of these revered machines, with each collection incorporating an image of that particular Aircraft and an AV series number on the reverse of each watch.

To view the full range head across to AVI-8 or look’em up on Twitter


AVI-8 Aviation Watches

AVI-8 Aviation Watches



AVI-8 Aviation Watches


AVI-8 Aviation Watches

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