Manchester’s Riotous Yuletide Knees Up

25th December 2014

I suspect everyone’s celebrated Baby Christ’s birthday with befitting verve, merriment and customary excess (and rightly so). However, I’m sure I’m not alone when I say there’s only so much ‘Carols from Kings’, one hour soap specials and costume dramas one can stomach in a 24 hour period. So why not hoy Downton Abbey on mute, drag your Mam off the settee and have a bop around in the conservatory to this Ralph Lawson ‘End Of Year Riot’ mix from back in 2010.  Go-on, she’ll love it man!



Or better still, get your rave clogs on and head down to this years riot on the 27th featuring special guest Francois K and support from some of finest disc jockeys you’re likely to hear playing anywhere this yuletide (probably best leave you Mam at home for this one mind). For a little taster of what to expect on the night, check out this live recording of his set from this years Electric Elephant festival. Tis proper good!

Merry Boxing Day!

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