New Balance CT300 Pre-Orders

5th January 2015

New Year, New Start, New Sneaks, from New Balance, who’s headquarters are located in Massachusetts, which borders New Hampshire, on the New England coastline, 200 miles north east of New York, near Newark in the state of New Jersey  …

If you haven’t already clicked off this post after that questionable introduction, then firstly thank you, you clearly have some time to kill. Secondly, that’s the standard of scrawl throughout, so feel free to just look at the pictures from here on in. And finally, you may be keen to learn that Boston’s footwear overlords have returned with their CT300SGW low profile court shoe for the start of 2015.

The shoe successfully launched New Balance Tennis in the early ‘80s and the brand have stuck closely to the original shoes retro styling, which might disappoint some tennis heads as there aint any ‘Fusion Gelatine Cushioning Solutions’, or ‘Impact Guidance System Technology’ gubbins in sight. They just come with a rubber gum sole, mesh/suede upper and look right nice like they did back in’t day.

To compliment the look, I would suggest a wooden Slazenger racket, a bad perm, and a pair of them snug white FILA shorts Becker used to wear so well.  Or, on second thoughts you could just throw on some black denim and wear them down the local. It’s entirely your call!

Available on Pre-Order from Aphrodite 1994 

New Balance CT300 Trainers

New Balance Trainers

New Balance CT300 Trainers

New Balance CT300 Trainers

New Balance CT300 Trainers

New Balance CT300 Trainers

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