Johnbull Co. Ltd – Denim Shop Coat

27th January 2015

This week see’s a new entry into my ‘get-up’ glossary in the form of this Denim Shop Coat from Japanese workwear brand, Johnbull Co. Now little to my knowledge these dudes have been manufacturing casual workwear since the early 60s (formerly known as the Kanewa Clothing Co. Ltd).

With a factory in Kojima (noted for being the focal point for Japanese textiles and denim culture) Johnbull dedicate themselves to developing original fabrics, washing techniques and denim treatments. They also utilise the famous ‘Union Special’ sewing machines, which are adept at sewing through thick specialist fabrics. And the result? … some mighty fine workwear.

Their Denim Shop Coat is an intricate piece of outerwear manufactured from a  cotton/linen mix featuring 3 front pockets, an inside chest pocket, adjustable buttoned cuffs, and front buttons with an additional top fastening that secures a contrasting cream lined collar. Blimey!

Take note though, this gear is a little roomy so we would advise sizing down for a standard fit. Check out the rest of the collection over at The Bureau 

Johnbull Co. Ltd Denim Shop Coat

Johnbull Co. Ltd Denim Shop Coat

Johnbull Co. Ltd Denim Shop Coat

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