T-Shirt Tuesday – The Beautiful North

10th February 2015

Our first T-Shirt Tuesday instalment of the year sees us championing yet another independent UK clothier ‘The Beautiful North’.

It was actually their logo that initially brought them to my attention. Celebrating Northern England’s industrial heritage, their distinctive embroidered crane tab can be found on all their garments. As if a picture of a canny crane was enough to get us ‘hooked’ (there’s a bad pun in there somewhere), on browsing their website it seems we also share many common interests, including; jumpers, walking up hills, football, trainers, Countryfile (only when John Craven was presenting it mind), err more trainers …

TBN have similar values to that of ‘Good Measure’ who we featured on the blog a few  weeks back. They look to manufacture all their clothing on British soil, and they don’t come much more homegrown than the woollen scarf pictured below that was handmade in some barn in depths of Lancashire.

Their t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are hand screen-printed using water-based eco friendly inks, which provide a nice soft finish particularly when printed on light coloured garments. Green Get-up, what’s not to like eh!

Take a gander over at The Beautiful North


The Beautiful North T-Shirts

The Beautiful North T-Shirts

The Beautiful North T-Shirts


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