The ‘Hope Cap’ from Mamnick

9th March 2015
Mamnick Clothing

Some clever person once came up with the idiomatic metaphor ‘Why reinvent the wheel?’

And they were probably right. The wheel is just fine as it is, turning around and around occasionally taking the lives of small rodents (an unfortunate occupational hazard when you’re a wheel), but in the main, just effectively and efficiently going about its business keeping us humans moving along at pace. Well the same can be said for the flat cap. Simple and effective, the classic woollen warmer knows it’s place and has been highly effective in keeping our heads toasty since your great grand-dad was a lad.

Surely then it would be a waste of time to re-create what has already been created. Or would it?

Dare we believe that with a dash of invention, subtle improvements could be made to both these underrated essentials. A new set of 17 inch alloys on the Ford Focus for example, or a set of ‘Tony the Tiger’ reflectors for your BMX spokes (the ones you used to get by collecting tokens off Frosties packets), both of which are notable additions to the run-of-the-mill wheel.

Or how about this one. An original, fully functional flat-cap with added neck extension, ear protectors and velcro fasteners. Cue Peak District menswear practitioners ‘Mam-nick’

Taking their name from a steep road in the depths of Derbyshire’s ‘Hope’ Valley, Mamnick have given the original flat-cap an impressive contemporary rework. Tailored by the fair hands of some right talented Yorkshire folk, the Hope Cap is constructed from orange wool, with a black silk lining and velcro fastening lug-warmers that sit snugly atop your loaf. Now that’s innervation!

And my only gripe … that I didn’t get one months ago.

Mamnick Clothing

Mamnick Clothing

Mamnick Clothing

Mamnick Clothing


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