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Neighborhood – ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ Spring/Summer 2015 Collection

16th March 2015
Neighborhood ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ SS15

Remember when army surplus pants were a ‘thing’. Were they a thing weren’t they? Well they certainly were for me. If only someone would have put me out of my misery and let me in on that fact that unless your the sixth member of the village people, tent like combat trousers and a blazer swiped from your Dad’s wardrobe were never meant to be worn in tandem.

Still, a healthy dose of toned down military influenced streetwear from Shinsuke Takizawa’s ‘Neighborhoodnever goes a miss.

This latest collection, dubbed ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ (‘A Rebel with Bed Sores’ would’ve proved far more effective at grabbing my attention) steers firmly toward robust American classics. Think, washed denim jackets, Baseball influence sweats and military-infused bombers, which sit nicely alongside the ace, yet pricey leather Deer Jacket.

If it’s summery gear you’re after then they’ve got some rather fetching cotton tees, caps, tote bags, mugs and Neighborhoods perpetual clay incense holder, which this season takes the form of a scent exhaling panther that whiffs of East Asian heritage.

Oh and it looks good on-top of your telly n’all …

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Neighborhood ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ SS15

Neighborhood ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ SS15

Neighborhood ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ SS15

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