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23rd March 2015

Ever since I got myself one of those Il Bussetto card holder things last year I’ve felt  somewhat liberated. No more shoehorning my wallet out of jeans pocket, or paying for anything with actual real money. Oh no, I’m all about hard, frivolous spending of plastic now I’ve invested in my low profile man-purse.

Although, if you’re anything like me fatha and shit scared of paying for stuff with anything other than the queens head (not the boozer in Sheriff Hill), these will be of bugger all use to you whatsoever.

Thank the lord then for independent leather accessory Arkin, who are having right good go at keeping a family of generations happy with their collection of handcrafted flip wallets, card sleeves, coin pouches and yup you’ve guessed it, wallets.

Wiltshire based ‘Arkin’, design, manufacture and dispatch all their wares from their workshop in Sunny Swindon and they have a bit thing for materials sourced on UK soil, which besides from the fact they look proper ace was the main reason behind us featuring them on the blog.

They’ve even manufactured some handsome leather giggs cases for spring, that are probably worth more my actual sunglasses, which kind of defies the logic of their purpose .. but who cares, they look proper good!

Impressed? head over to Arkin for their full range of stock.

Arkin Leather Accessories

Arkin Leather Accessories

Arkin Leather Accessories

Arkin Leather Accessories

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