Festival Essential – Robot Head Power Plus Chargers

2nd April 2015

You may remember last years post on ‘Danbo’ the portable ‘robot head charger. It looked a bit like a mini cardboard box that came to the rescue when your technology was running low on juice.

Well for those who missed it there’s now a new improved version, which has enough battery life to charge your iPhone, 5 times over (double that of its older sibling). And it’s a darn sight smaller too, which means you can actually fit in your jacket pocket without looking like you’re suffering from a perfectly rectangular hernia.

There are 5 little indicator LED lights which display how much power is left in the device,  and there’s even an automatic power-off function that kicks in when your I.T is fully tanked. Finally, it now comes with two USD ports, which means you can charge two devices simultaneously. Blimey!

Forget the wellies and wet-wipes, this a sure fire festival essential for this summer.

Robot Head Power Plus Chargers

Robot Head Power Plus Chargers

Robot Head Power Plus Chargers



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