Move D – Live Mix from ‘Bunker’ New York 2009

23rd April 2015
Move D - Live Mix from 'Bunker' New York 2009

It’s Friday, so here’s something nice to listen to.

If you’re familiar with German DJ/Producer David Moufang (Move D) then you will be aware he plays great house records. This live 2009 mix from New York night ‘Bunker’ features some cracking tracks including DJ Q’s remix of ’90 degrees’ by Slam (under their ‘Counterplan’ guise), which I just love and still play regularly.

If you’re a fan of Move D then you will also know of a tendency he has to wrestle in a mix from time to time, which I actually find rather endearing. He strikes me as the type of the fella would have a bash at shoehorning Kate Bush into Model 500 and balls to the consequences.

Anyway, the days of me loitering around DJ booths intently listening out for impeccable beat-matching are long gone. A lazy Saturday afternoon blending 95bpm tear-jerkers in my slippers is more my bag these days.

Some great records here though.

Enjoy your weekend and thanks for visiting,


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