Italian Knitwear via North Shields Fish Quay

6th May 2015


Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

You may remember my recent blog post documenting my fondness for Duffer St Georges’ modster cardigan of choice ‘the Yardie’. For those who missed it here’s a brief synopsis;

Yardie’s were dead cool, Mod culture was dead cool, the shops were dead cool, and JD Sports is a bit shit. That about sums it up. For those who fancy giving the post a full once over, here’s a link.

As my search continues for arguably mod cultures finest legacy, I did happen to cross paths with some friendly Italian blokes over at a boutique Italian Knitwear label called ‘Connection’ who seemingly share my passion for 60s inspired menswear. Our mutual love for knitwear, sheath-like jeans and over styled haircuts led me to dropping them a mail, and following a bit of chat about the weather, up tempo Jazz and other such pleasantries they kindly agreed to fire me out this ‘Bebop’ cardigan to feature on the blog.

The Bebop is constructed from a fine merino wool and comes into two colour-ways. I opted for the Purple and Emerald (posh for green) version, and I have to say I’m impressed with the design quality for such small specialist label. Features include a nifty button-up inside chest pocket, button up front fastening, and contrasting colour blocking on the arms, hem and collar. My only gripe is that I would have preferred to see lightweight wooden buttons as to appose mother of pearl. But you cant win them all.

Following a second glance at their Facebook page, it became clear that in hindsight I  should have probably opted for one their Superior Pima cotton numbers as appose to the Merino. Don’t get me wrong there’s nothing particularly wrong with my Bebop, I’ve just always tended to go for a more robust knit, and their Prima cotton cardigans bare a striking resemblance to the original Duffer Yardies. 

One question I did raise was ‘why the lack of suede or leather in their current range?’ (surely a key feature in 50s & 60s menswear). I was greeted with the encouraging response that Connection have in fact got a suede aviator zip-up jacket, suede/wool cardie and a ventile scooter jacket all in the pipeline over the comings months. Worth keeping an eye out for.

For the images I had envisaged a rustic scene with me perched atop a vintage Vespa, devouring heavenly bruschetta, and twizzling my facial hair with the finest olivio. But this didn’t materialise so I settled on loitering around North Shields Fish Quay smashing in beer battered cod from Oceans chippy. A bit of a heads up though, as with most Italian farrr-shon this gear is seriously undersized, so probably best lay off the smokey and curry sauce if you’ve apsirations of getting into a large.

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan

Connection Knitwear Merino Wool Cardigan


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