‘Dome’s of Obedience’ from The Real McCoy’s

2nd June 2015
The Real McCoy's Hats and Caps

Denim Army Hat

The Real McCoy's Hats and Caps

We like brands that take their influences from U.S. military gear. And so do the Japanese. But you knew that didn’t you?

Never the less, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make time to revel in this HBT Pilot Cap, utility N-3 cap, and these Army denim hats all brought to us by the U.S. Navy’s brother from another mother, Hitoshi Tsujimoto. God bless America … and Tokyo for that matter.
Also, when researching these luscious lids I felt the urge to google ‘US Army slang’, from which I learnt the following:

  • The ‘Kevlar Helmet’ was nicknamed ‘The Brain Bucket’ and/or my personal favourite ‘The Dome of Obedience’.
  • The Garrison Cap was nicknamed ‘The Cunt Cap’
  • And did you know that the flexible metal hose that fitted into large fuel drums was dubbed the ‘Donkey Dick’.

I realise this bears no relevance to these hats whatsoever, but I thought you may appreciate a timely military history tutorial to brighten up you’re Tuesday morning!

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The Real McCoy's Hats and Caps

N-3 Utility Cap – HBT

The Real McCoy's Hats and Caps

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