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Psychedelic Camping Clobber @ Oyo Mountain Products

15th June 2015

From the fellas behind Denver’s ‘Topo Designs’, Oyo Mountain Products was first brought to my attention back in 2013 following a cracking little write up from those menswear literary louts over at Proper Mag.

As you might expect from a brand based in the heart of the Rockies, splattered with a plethora of fluorescent, and a name featuring the word ‘mountain’, Oyo manufacture gear for those of a more adventurous or bucolic persuasion.

This stuff is well cool in a post punk, early acid house, camping car crash kind of way. And with a selection of multi-colored backpacks, 5 panels, and an ace yellow mug to pore over, I challenge you to disagree. In addition, all Oyo’s products feature the brands snow-topped technical diamond logo somewhere upon their very being. Delightful!

Now pass me the mushroom tea!

@ Oyo Mountain

Oyo Mountain Camping Gear

Oyo Mountain Camping Gear

Oyo Mountain Camping Gear

Oyo Mountain Camping Gear



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