The Last of The Japanese Roll Tops ….

6th July 2015
Kapital Bags and Accessories

Is just me or did Daniel Day Lewis bear a striking resemblance to Michael Bolton when he starred in ‘The Last of the Mohican’s’? Anyone else see that?

Maybe I’m just mistaking a likeness with the fact they both possess an innate desire to thrust their over sized foreheads and mule like man-manes into the limelight at every opportunity. But who can blame them, everyone knows that ‘big man-hair’ is merely a euphemism for ‘big man-hood’.

Big pricks aside though, who really was/is the better man? Well my late grandma owned the full Bolton discography, and let me tell you the chiseled jawed warbler has some pipes on him. But would you have seen him wearing one of these Kapital bags? I very much doubt it. Day Lewis on the other hand, well he strikes me as the kind of bloke who would be right into these Ghandi peace patches and handwoven shoulder straps. I’m confident that the inner pocket and front zip compartment would prove to be a practical storage vessel for the wide variety of male grooming products at his disposal on set. And least not forget he is what budding film critics among us like to call a method actor. Therefore I would argue that such is his devotion to his craft, we can only assume he would embrace this native american inspired receptacle in the same way he did his role as ‘Hawkeye’ in Michael Mann’s historical epic.

I on the other hand am not an Oscar winning actor, and I most definitely cannot afford to buy this bag. Although I do have a fucking vast shiny forehead …

… every cloud.

Kapital Bags and Accessories

Kapital Bags and Accessories

Kapital Bags and Accessories



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