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My Essentials Courtesy of the ‘With Love Project’

16th July 2015

On the back of our recent post championing With Love Project’s kickstarter book campaign ‘people behind the craft’ I was kindly invited by Chris Roberts & Rob Evans (the chaps behind the project) to put together a selection of my essential items.

Here’s what I plumped for:

‘Fuck It’ Therapy by John C Parkin:  I’m not usually one for self-help books, but this is great. A humorous publication from John C Parkin that consistently helps me put things in perspective, and has genuinely changed the way I think about most scenarios in life. @The Fuck It Life

Macbook Air 13”:  ‘Usage-per-£’ it’s comfortably the best purchase I’ve ever made. Quick, robust and outstanding build quality. Once you get a Mac you’ll never go back! @Apple

Comme des Garçon 2 Aftershave: Around 11 years ago I worked in an menswear shop in Leeds called ‘Strand’. One day we got some Comme 2 tester samples delivered and I’ve been hooked ever since!  I’ve flirted with differing Comme scents over the years, but always revert back to this. @Comme des Garçon

Tootal Scarf: Original vintage tootal scarves are my essential accessory, especially throughout the winter months. I tend to pick them up from vintage / charity shops as they usually originals and still have that foisty old man smell to them, which kind of adds to their character and charm.

Chuck Taylor Converse: Comfortable classics that I pretty much live in. Trainer fads come and go but the familiar Converse design will always remain timeless in my eyes. I have a habit of changing the laces around a bit though, and swiped these red/yellow ones from a pair of New Balance 710’s.

il Bussetto Zip Wallet: Milan based il Bussetto make high quality, reasonably priced leather wallets. I picked mine up in last years summer sale at ‘The Great Divide’ and the zip detail and logo both look ace. @il Bussetto

Ryvita: My lass has got me onto eating Ryvita as a lunchtime alternative to bread. These Dark Rye ones are grand topped with avocado and sea salt. Proper tasty healthy bait!

Handmade Brown Leather Satchel: A Christmas gift a few years ago. I really do take this thing everywhere. I’ve managed to knacker the zip on the inner compartment, but the rest of it is still going strong.

Gitman Vintage Shirts: I own multiple Gitman Shirts, but this yellow, pink and blue flannel cotton check from AW10 is my pick. It’s their button-down collars that appeal to me. They’re without doubt some of the best you will find. @Gitman Vintage

If you’d like to check out some further essentials from fellow menswear bloggers and other nice creative folk head across to: With Love Project / Essentials

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