The Real McCoy’s N3 Utility Cap

28th July 2015

The Real McCoy's N3 Utility Cap


When it comes to military inspired headwear the Japanese know their doughboys from their garrison caps. And none more so than Tokyo based The Real McCoy’s (no relation to with the crinkle cut brand of man crisps by the way).

I actually featured this very N3 utility cap in my ‘Domes of Obedience’ post back in May, but such was the simplistic quality of this particular dome, I saw actually purchasing it as an timely opportunity to finally break my 12 month farrshon headwear hiatus. Let me tell you, having a bonce shaped like a Kinder Egg means finding a suitable lid can be somewhat challenging.

Now the N3 has seen some serious toil over the past fortnight, and I have to say it’s a durable bugger. You won’t find the host of unique design features you that you might expect to on similar accessories from the likes of Engineered Garments or Kapital. Instead The Real McCoy’s just deliver proper vintage military workwear. Good cotton, good stitching, good fit.

It’s also worth a mention that I’ve had the thing crumpled up in my Carhartt essentials bag for the past 2 weeks and it’s that lightweight that the peak of the hat just moulds back into shape without a great deal tinkering. Certainly beats any of that rigid snap-back shite.

Want one? there’s still some in stock over @ Superdenim


The Real McCoy's N3 Utility Cap

The Real McCoy's N3 Utility Cap

The Real McCoy's N3 Utility Cap


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