Exclusive ‘Slippery People’ Promo Mix

23rd August 2015

After a brief music post sabbatical we’re back in the game thanks to a duo that would give the likes of Cagney & Lacey, Turner & Hooch and Fred & Rose a run for their money!

And no it’s not Charles and Eddie. Close though, it’s those equally slippery North East passion fruits Mick Rolfe (Last Waltz) & Antony Daly (586 Records), who have kindly put together an exclusive mix for us ahead of this coming weekends summer bank holiday curtain closer.

I had the pleasure of listening to this over the weekend and it’s a lover not a fighter, featuring a dreamy selection of stunning records, superbly blended and mixed. That’s what I made of it. Here’s what Mick thinks:

”The whole mix is vinyl only, and I suppose it’s a small indication of what sort of sounds to expect over the seven hours of music that will be played on the day. The idea was always to have two sessions where myself & Tony got to stretch our legs a little, book-ended by two sessions with guests who we admire both musically and personally. For our first bank holiday party of 2015 we welcomed James Holroyd (Bugged Out/ Begin) who we brought back up to Newcastle for the first time in quite a few years. We’ve already got a number of interesting guests lined up for next year too, still in keeping with the idea of bringing people to the region for the first time, or who haven’t played up here for ages.”

For this weekends party they’ve managed to rope in local lads Simon Lister & Peter Wilson, better known together as People Get Real, who despite being from the region can rarely be seen playing in their native North East due to holding residencies at various parties/festivals both in the UK and abroad. You can expect a five course feast of balearic beats, downtempo house, electronic chuggers, piano scream ups and techno, all served up within the four (sweaty) walls of Byker’s premier rave boozer, the Tanners Arms. 

As with all their events ‘Slippery People Get Real’ (look what they did there) is free, plus it’s the last guilt free Sunday party until Christmas for most folk, so no excuses. Until then, here’s their mix. Dive in …



How do you do?

These slippery people

Gonna see you through


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