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T-Shirt Tuesday – Grace Jones. She’s A-MAZE-ING!

8th September 2015
Turbo Island Maze Grace Jones

We’ve had a bit of a T-Shirt Tuesday hiatus on here recently and If I’m honest I just ain’t seen much out there worth posting about. Then thankfully this corker from Turbo Island struck me square in the dish last week. You know the crack by now, those Bristolian music t-shirt maestros have been at it again with one of their best designs to date.

Not only is this ‘Maze’ Jones t-shirt cooler than queen of funk herself, but it’s like a real life maze n’that. So, if you find folk squinting at your torso with increasingly regularity, they’re probably just lost somewhere between Grace’s microphone and toe end.

The Mighty Wright is even throwing in a free paper maze to have a bash at with every order.

Grace Jones, She’s A-MAZE-ING you know!

@ Turbo Island

Turbo Island Maze Grace Jones

Turbo Island Maze Grace Jones

Turbo Island Maze Grace Jones




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