Tender Co. Overdyed Werk Sherrts

11th September 2015
Tender Co Overdyed Shirt Review

The shirt pictured above has been named the ‘Type 430 Long Sleeve Butterfly Shirt’. Why? Not a clue! But head on over to the Tender website and I’m sure you’ll find a bit of blurb about it.

Honestly, I couldn’t give a shit what they call this shirt, I’m more bothered about finding what it’s been made from, how its been made, and why they made it the way they made it, which leads me nicely into the technical stuff …

These shirts are pretty unique. Firstly, they look a bit like something your grand-dad might have worn darn’t pit. And secondly, they’ve got no side seam, which means they’ve been constructed using one large piece of selvedge cotton, signifying they’re more durable than your average hemmed shirt as there’s fewer stress points.

The 100% cotton has been over-dyed using indigo extract from the ‘woad’ plant or the ‘Isatis tinctoria’ for any keen botanist’s out reading. This over-dyeing process leaves a crisp finish to the cotton and an outstanding blue tone that’ll look class after a bit of wear and tear. Add two massive pockets to the front and you’re ready to shovel shit, chop wood, change a lightbulb, or owt else that involves manly graft!

Proper werrk sherrts over @ Oi Polloi

Tender Co Overdyed Shirt Review

Tender Co Overdyed Shirt Review

Tender Co Overdyed Shirt Review



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