‘A Suit To Travel In’ by Paul Smith

17th September 2015
'A Suit To Travel In' by Paul Smith

You know when you squeeze a stress-ball then it in springs back to its original shape, well that’s polyurethane foam rubber at work. And for AW15, Nottingham fashion visionary Sir Paul Smith has designed ‘A Suit To Travel In’, which shares that very concept through its worsted wool construction specifically designed with movement in mind. How’s that for a dose of fashion / science know-how on a Thursday lunchtime.

According to PS you can scrunch the fabric and watch creases fall away as it returns to its original form, just like a stress ball. The suit has been designed with extra room across the back for increased mobility whilst remaining true to the brands tailored signature silhouette.

Impressed yet? Well you should be, and to ram this message of unrivaled flexibility home, Sir Paul has called on the services of British Olympic gymnast Max Whitlock to put the suit through its paces as he demonstrates a range of demanding moves, all without causing a single crease.

'A Suit To Travel In' by Paul Smith

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